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A OMET custom-made packaging printing machine is the modular answer to the needs of companies open to innovation and researching new solutions.
Normally, special custommade packaging printing machines are created in response to a client’s need to stand out from the competition and obtain an advantage on the market by offering innovative or even unique products.

In addition to the OMET business unit for the manufacture of machines for printing packaging and label printing press and for tissue converting, the OMET group is composed of the following other business units: OMET Systems in Motion, manufacturer of bearing systems and components for industrial applications in general, OR-Pac manufacturer of wet wipes and OMET mechanical workshop.

Thanks to the extensive experience acquired during decades of activity and the great successes enjoyed along the way, OMET has become a reference in the custommade packaging printing machine manufacturing industry; the perfect partner chosen by many large companies and multinational corporations that wish to stand out from their competitors.

A market in which Omet excels is certainly the market of label printing press: a vast market that is undergoing rapid growth in emerging countries and is characterized by strong innovation worldwide in the design, in the uses and in the materials, as well as from its adoption in new market sectors.

Label printing press with printing process of cold gold and special paint, the adoption of special dies and research expand the communication potential of the labels to the end consumer. In the label market today the use of transparent print media and the use of laminated effects is widespread.
Innovation with passion
Each flexo printing machine is special and has its own story, but all OMET packaging printing machines have in common innovation and the passion with which they have been made: new technologies and innovative production processes designed to create new, unique products, increase productivity and quality, and guarantee cost reductions (by reducing waste and downtime).

Multiple competencies

All custommade machines are developed in close collaboration with clients: on-site assessments and detailed analysis of the requirements are at the base of the design process and feasibility study of each project. Once the technical and economic feasibility assessment of a project is complete, a multi-competence team – which includes personnel from the Technical Office, the Research & Development, Mechanics and Electronics Departments and a very experienced tester/printer – starts working on the best ad hoc solution for the project at hand.
As all custommade machines are different, development time – from design to delivery – varies depending on the project, however, it normally requires between six and twelve months of work.
The OMET packaging printing machines and label printing press combine ease of use with waste reduction, are built for long-term durability and are designed according to the “platform” concept which allow the printing process to take place in a single cycle.

Collaboration and Confidentiality
When a custommade flexo printing machine is the result of the combination of OMET’s technology and know-how with the client’s proprietary technology, the patented process to manufacture specific products and the synergy between the people and the competencies involved are essential to the success of the project. In such highly personalised projects, confidentiality is paramount, as the client’s proprietary technology is often the determining factor behind the advantage over competitors and therefore an important asset that needs to be protected.

100 % success

Its problem solving attitude is one of OMET’s strongest qualities and the main reason behind its success in creating flexo printing machines for a variety of different printing and converting sectors. The extensive experience acquired during decades of activity and the company’s constant research for new technologies allows its Development Team to find the best solution for each project: all clients who have commissioned a custommade machine from OMET and have been assured of the feasibility of their project, have obtained the result they expected and satisfied their production needs.

Constant improvement

The experience acquired directly in the field and the new knowledge that comes with each individual project keep increasing OMET’s ability to find effective solutions for the needs of companies across a variety of sectors.
Often, new, unique solutions developed while designing and creating custommade machines can be applied to standard modular machines. The new developed technology, when it is not the result of the synergy with a client’s proprietary technology, can be replicated on other machines or can help future projects.

Challenge accepted

OMET’s custommade machines are unique, highly personalised, designed and conceived to respond to very specific needs and created thanks to OMET’s competence and experience and its willingness to accept its clients’ new challenges.


The OMET packaging printing machines and label printing press combine ease of use with waste reduction, are built for long-term durability and are designed according to the “platform” concept which allow the printing process to take place in a single cycle.

Label printing press Xflex X6

As a result of the continuous research and development and decades of experience, we bring you Xflex X6, a packaging printing machine characterized by maximum ease of use and numerous innovations that make this machine fast, efficient and high-performance.

Its ergonomic and attractive design and intuitive adjustments make this flexo machine easy to use in all its functions.
The new-concept flexo printing unit guarantees high quality and better control of the print register, in addition to the total automation, which together allow for significant waste reduction, also depending on the shortest paper passage on the market in its category.

The possibility of combining different, completely interchangeable types of printing, such as e.g. hot-foil, cold-foil, lamination generally, silk-screen printing, back printing, printing on stickers, on all printing units, makes the machine particularly versatile and suitable to provide different finishing solutions.

Xflex X6: packaging printing machine

The XFlex X6 is the packaging printing machine for labels and packaging that integrates seamlessly into the machinery of those printers who want to be competitive in a wide range of printed products: self-adhesive labels, shrink sleeves, IML labels, flexible packaging, printing on laminates and special applications. The label printing press can be easily reconfigured to adapt to companies’ future growth or any new requirements that may arise. The XFlex X6 can be configured with a flexo/offset or flexo/digital inkjet printing JetPlus combination.

The OMET packaging printing machines and label printing press combine ease of use with waste reduction, are built for long-term durability and are designed according to the “platform” concept which allow the printing process to take place in a single cycle.

XFlex X6 is a flexo printing machine designed to facilitate the work of the operator, both in the ergonomics and the operation on the machine itself. The XFlex X6 offers maximum reliability and safety through its quick and effortless maneuverability.

• Fully removable inking cassettes and light ink pans
• Ergonomic design for easy access to all functions
• Customer-friendly and intuitive tool-less adjustments
• Automatic set-up and pre-registration
• Transparent Factory creates a bridge between the press and your MIS system
• Easy link to your intranet and ERP
• Transfer of all production data from the press, Load of job specs/recipes from PC

• Much reduced set-up waste
• Ease of re-webbing in case of material brake thanks to the pivoting UV-cassettes

• Integrated impression cylinder and chill drum
• Improved print quality
• Fewer mechanical parts and less inertia offer advantages in register control during the acceleration and deceleration phases
• Faster in achieving the perfect registration
• Optimized tension control for printing on plastic films
• Free from gear marking thanks to Direct-Drive technology (no use of gearboxes, less noise, less friction, less wear)

• Hot Foil, Cold Foil, in-line Lamination, web turn bar, print on adhesive stations slide on rail for easy positioning anywhere along the press. The press is reconfigured within seconds!
• Flexo and Silk-screen printing on interchangeable cassette
• Different finishing solutions with extractable die-cutting cassette
• Independently servo-driven die-cutting section allowing integrated pre-registration

• Lightweight printing sleeves
• High precision and maximum stability eliminate vibration and reduce interventions for maintenance
• Possibility of pre-registered automatic settings

• Valuable when printing with special inks
• Can print with a minimum of 40 grams of ink

• The possible combination of UV curing, IR and Hot Air dryers allow the use of any ink type (water-based or UV)
• Cold UV reflectors involving low power consumption

• Low waste during set-up
• No operator intervention necessary at any stage of the registration process
• Operator-independent performance
• Automatic start by the push of a button!

• Metric printing, via slipping function or via software selection with metric sleeves
• Servo-driven die-cutting for high-speed converting
• Flat-bed hot foil/embossing available
• Monotwin Cut
• Rock’n’Roll matrix rewinder advanced system

Additional Unit
• Rock’n Roll matrix rewinder
• Final delivery options
• Drying system and UV Curing
• Vision-2 Register control system
• Multiplate plate-mounting unit
• Vision-1 Register control system

– Flexo
– Offset (Sleeve)
– Rotary silkscreen
– Rotogravure
– Digital inkjet
– In-line lamination
– Hot Melt
– Cold Seal
– Peel & Seal

– Cold foil
– Hologram insetting
– Die-cutting
– Die-cutting / Embossing cassette
– Flying cut
– Hot foil rail / Standard hot foil

Self-adhesive labels
The market of self-adhesive labels is growing at a rapid pace especially in emerging countries. Innovation in design, material and end-use characterize it while it expands in different market sectors. Special effects are often originated by the use of cold foil, varnish or creative die-cutting to increase the labels appeal potential. The use of laminated effects or of transparent substrates have also become a typical feature. Pressure-sensitive is also the preferred technology for variable information print labels (track-and-trace/bar coding and in-store price-weigh applications, using thermal or uncoated paper stocks). Main markets of reference are: food and beverage, wine & spirits, health & beauty, pharmaceutical, industry, household & cleaning and commerce.

Unsupported filmic labels
In-mold labels relate to a container that is made and labeled at the same time through high-speed injection or blow-molding. IML are especially used for thin-walled margarine, ice-cream, yogurt containers printed in high volumes. It is a rather new ‘niche’ market in strong expansion.
Wraparound labels regard mineral water, soft drinks, beer and have excellent resistance to wet. They are often printed on clear materials and embellished with metallised effects.
Flexible packaging
Packaging, especially food packaging, is an intrinsic part of modern urban life. It is also vital for export as it protects the contents and ensures that quality products reach the consumer. The production of film flexible packaging is growing consistently worldwide as consumers’ habits change, especially in emerging countries. Among the different use of flexible packaging, a special concern regards food packaging and its safety issues. Flexible packaging is mostly used in the food & beverage sector where it takes the form of flexible wrapping packaging, laminated food packaging or pouches.

Shrinkable films
Shrink Sleeves (similar to stretch and ROSO/reel-fed shrink) are labels that are applied to a container and shrunk to fit its outline through the addition of heat. Sleeve labels are meant to wear bottles and containers of various shape, even those with complex geometries, with impressive 360° graphics and uniqueness of layout. Their shelf stand-out, coupled with their tamper-evident properties and ability to act as a barrier to any container damage or breakages, are driving their popularity with both brand owners and consumers. They are mainly used in the beverage sectors (soft drinks, beers, aperitifs) but are also popular in the dairy, health & beauty and household & cleaning sectors. Delicate clear polycarbonate boxes are mainly used in luxury packaging and are often enriched by 3D effects through screen or gravure printing.

Aluminum packaging, being it a blister or a lid, plays an important role in packaging since it creates a safe barrier between the product and the outside world. But printed aluminum has also decoration purposes and is used especially in yogurt lids, pharmaceutical blisters, jars & glasses, coffee creamers, paper cups and in general in high speed packaging applications. The aluminum thickness varies from 30 to 40 microns to be used with jars, glasses and cups. Used in multilayer structures, aluminum is an integral part of printed lamitube used for toothpaste tubes, gels and creams.

Wet glue labels made of paper still hold an important market share in the food & beverage sector, including wine labels, though pressure-sensitive labels are eroding market shares. Paper is also used for ice cream cones. A special sector is represented by high-end flexo printed envelopes.

Folding carton
Folding carton is especially used for cups and trays for the fast food market, packaging for the tobacco industry (where OMET has extensive experience), display blisters, carton boxes for the pharmaceuticals and cosmetics sector. Special die-cutting, stacking and delivery options complete the packaging printing machine configuration to deliver folding carton ready for assembling. Folding carton printing requires the integration of different printing processes to increase the appeal of the box, but also offer anti-counterfeiting protection.

Special applications
The flexibility of packaging printing machines and the practical availability of a large number of in-line finishing and converting possibilities allow the printing of a large number of special products including: promotional labels, booklets, coupons, RFID labels, smart labels, parking and transit ticket with magnetic band, hologram or variable information printing applications for anti-counterfeiting or security use, lottery tickets. Multi-process combination printing is what is needed to reach the best results in the case of lottery tickets and security label printing in general.

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Xflex-X6 Flexo printing machine | the benchmark of printing presses

The high accuracy and high stability offered by the XFlex X6 label printing press enables the elimination of all type of vibration for better quality and the reduction of maintenance costs.

The possibility of combining different, completely interchangeable types of printing, such as e.g. hot-foil, cold-foil, lamination generally, silk-screen printing, back printing, printing on stickers, on all printing units, makes the Xflex X6 particularly versatile and suitable to provide different finishing solutions.

High quality, low maintenance costs!